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Cosplay Fetish Academy package Welcome to the Academy. Dresscode: optional!

Cosplay Fetish Academy is the latest G-Collections title from Japanese adult PC game maker Sekilala, known for their knockout fetish titles that cater to the whims of fans worldwide.


The sexy art of Kazuma Muramasa (illustrator of Lightning Warrior Raidy) provides a beautiful backdrop for this story of unbelievely skimpy costumes, an erotic romantic comedy romp through school life in which the hero Ryouji learns the true meaning of cosplay!

Yuuki Mikage
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Ryouji's cousin and classmate, and Shana's older sister. She moved from her home town in the country to attend Seiai Academy. She gets good grades and loves to excel at everything, so when wearing costumes becomes the norm she wants to be the best at that, too. As a cool beauty she has recieved many confessions, but turned them all down, harboring a secret interest in Ryouji; she's actually quite curious about sex, having heard all sorts of rumors, but doesn't like play that "ruins the mood".
Shana Mikage
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Ryouji's cousin and classmate, and Yuuki's younger sister. She is the polar opposite of her sister, with a bright and cheerful personality brimming with curiosity. She treats Ryouji as naturally as if he were her brother, and is devilishly cute, though not spoiled or calculating. She works part time as a fashion model, and immidately takes to the fetishism of the new world where she finds herself. She likes Ryouji but is afraid of being rejected so she hasn't confessed to him. While being very naughty and interested in sex, she's actually still a virgin.
Mizuki Kotori
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A classmate of Ryouji's and friend to Yuuki and Shana. She seems a bit timid, but is actually strong-willed with many friends. She seems plain and subdued and doesn't stand out much. She's always been part of the fetish world and schemes to provide Shana and Yuuki with skimpy costumes. She's yearned for Ryouji for some time but hasn't approached him due to the competition. If you decide to approach you'll find her taste in sex is actually a bit abnormal, known to continue fellatio sessions for an entire night and say "thank you" for every caress.
Maika Miwa
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Ryouji's homeroom teacher and math instructor, a young, beautiful and well-endowed woman with a G-cup chest. She is well versed in social graces as well, often acting as counselor and confidant to her students. She loses track of her position at times and becomes overly friendly with students, and enjos the latest fashion trends, though she tries to hide it. She is experienced sexually but has been unfulfilled of late, using her wiles and scandalous costumes to ensnare Ryouji.
Akari Tsukino
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A third year student at Seiai Academy, the former student council president and current girlfriend of Ryouji's older brother, Kazuki. She is very "together", and acts as a kind older sister to Ryouji and his cousins. She's been going out with Kazuki for awhile and is quite experienced in bed, calling him "master" and engaging in all sorts of deviant play. Since her parents left on a trip she's been staying over at your house.
Game System
In-Game Choices Replay Gallery

Proceed through the story and choose the branching plot line that leads to love! 10 endings and dozens of beautiful CG images in the built-in gallery for you to replay and enjoy.

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